Multimodal Imaging

Novel organic small molecule/nanomaterial-based probes will be developed and used in cells and living models. By integrating the advantages of multimodal imaging, accurate locating of the tumor boundaries is possible, which will help to reduce trauma and has potential to be used in clinical models.


Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

Theranostic agents will be developed to integrate clinical diagnosis and treatment in single molecular carriers, e.g. nano-biomaterials, to achieve selective lesion targeting, reduced drug toxicity and prolonged drug efficacy, in order to realize early diagnosis and treatment of different cancers.


Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Molecular/nano-imaging probes will be developed to accurately label diseased lesions. The pathophysiological changes and characteristics during drug treatment at the cell and living model level can be directly observed by imaging, which is helpful to evaluate the pharmacological effect of new drugs, thus, greatly speed up drug screening and development.


Microfluidic-aided Detection

Microfluidics technology is used for the rapid and efficient detection of tumor-derived extracellular vesicles in body fluids. Combined with fluorescent labeling and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, a new liquid biopsy technique will be developed for non-invasive and early diagnosis of malignant tumors.