Research progress

What scientific research we focus on?


实验室研究领域(Laboratory Fields)



         The main research areas aim at the frontier of the development of precision medicine. Based on the research and development of molecular probes, biomaterials and diagnostic instruments, and integratingmultimodal imaging, in-depth and systematic research is carried out in the field of visual image detection and precision treatment of tropical diseases. The occurrence and development of diseases in tropical conditions provides precision medical data and solutions. The research direction focuses on visual diagnosis and treatment of diseases in tropical conditions, multi-modal imaging surgery navigation technology, point-of-care testing (POCT) technology and portable diagnostic instruments. Promote the in-depth integration of production, education and research, and promote the transformation of basic research into clinical practice.

         According to our “New Medicine” innovative talent training program, the team explores the development of the combination of medicine and engineering, actively establishes a new teaching and research section for the combination of medicine and engineering, and prepares for the College of Biomedical Engineering(Centre for Translational Medicine Research and Development ). The proposed “New Medicine” public course group “Functional Materials and Molecular Imaging” in the direction of integration of medicine and engineering. Committed to improving our scientific research level and the quality of postgraduate training, integrating teaching, scientific research and clinical practice, providing a good scientific research environment and innovative ideas for our new medical-engineering integration.


实验室研究方向(Laboratory Research)

1、功能材料与分子影像 (功能材料与分子影像技术重点实验室)

      Functional Materials and Molecular Imaging



     Biomedical Smart Materials and Clinical Diagnosis and Therapy



      Intelligent Diagnosis and Therapy Instruments and Biosensing Engineering



      Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering